What are you hungry for?

What are you hungry for?  You know it isn’t food.

Please share.


7 thoughts on “What are you hungry for?

  1. I’m hungry for tenderness, acceptance, compassion…mostly within myself, from myself to myself…I love when I am in a peaceful place, but I also want to accept life when it is not easy, when difficulties arise, when I don’t feel good in my body…I feel incredibly hungry for knowing deep within that all is ok the way it is…that I am being held and guided by something beyond.

  2. I’m hungry for acceptance. To accept who I am and not always looking for the negatives. Trusting myself. Not being afraid of change. I want to be normal…enjoy life without the guilt and the weight I carry on my shoulders.

  3. More often than not, I’m hungry for touch. For a hug, or a spoon, or some good back rubbing and hand holding. There is little that is as comforting, to me, and as indicative of the ways in which I am unconditionally loved and accepted that curling into my fiance’s lap, whether I fit or not.

  4. Acceptance. Love. Tenderness. Understanding. Calm. Control.

    I want these things, bar control and calm, from others but mostly from myself, because I know that if I cannot give myself these things then I cannot accept that others might be able to.

    As for the calm and control, these two go together. When I am in control, I feel calm. Right now I am in therapy and there are a lot of things I need to change, resulting in me taking more control over my own eating and exercising, but I take it to the extreme. Because of the changes I have to make, and want to make, I no longer feel really calm or safe. At least I have iron control over my food intake (mostly), which gives me a little of that calmness.

  5. deep intimacy and passion! uninhibitedness. So often we “feed” our deepest needs with the wrong substance b/c we’ve learned somewhere, somehow that it’s unacceptable to find and receive what we’re really craving.

  6. I am hungry for control of my emotions, for calmness, for peace in my mind, peace in my heart and peace on earth. My head spins from all I have going on…school, work, being tight on money, low on patience, wavering confidence, working too hard to get perfect grades, perfect body, perfect control…there is no such thing as perfect. I have to accept myself, let myself be human and not be so hard on myself when I do things less than the unreasonably high expectations I have set for myself. Even writing this I am wondering if I am being too easy on myself by even thinking that I need to ease up on myself a little. Am I just complaining, whining, being lazy? These thoughts always go through my head when I tell myself to relax a little. But then I remind myself of some of the health issues I have had because of my being hard on myself. Oh I am most definitely hungry for that peace in my mind and my heart. I may not be able to do anything about peace on earth but I can do something about myself.

  7. I am hungry for self-approval. I am hungry for loving myself. I have this fear that I am not good enough & never will be, so I feed that problem with the wrong substances. I’m hungry to be happy again.

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