What are your attachments and your difficulties in letting go in relation to your eating disorder?

The root of our tension/anxiety is our attachment.  Can you identify the root of the attachment to your eating disorder? What benefit does this attachment serve?


3 thoughts on “What are your attachments and your difficulties in letting go in relation to your eating disorder?

  1. I am not quite sure I understand the question, but I will give it a go anyway.

    I have to have control. As I said in a previous comment, there are many things changes around me and inside me right now, and food is really the only way I still have control. The rest is changing and unstable, and really difficult.

    Does this attachment to control have any benefits? Well, I stay thin. But I use a lot of energy, time and effort, which can be better used elsewhere. But I am unable to let go. I downright panic when I try, then grab on tighter than before. So it does not really have any benefits at all.

    I would love to be able to let go without panicking. It’s weird, but the women whose appearance and body I admire the most are full-bodies and certainly no twigs. But I am unable to believe that I would look good like that. How unfair is that, eh?

  2. My eating disorder was such a huge part of me for so long that I let it, to a certain extent, define who I was and who I had become. Recovering from my eating disorder was so much more than what most people think recovery consists of. I felt as though I had lost part of myself and I wasnt quite sure how to deal with it- I had to not only learn healthy eating and how to love myself again, but I had to learn how to fill the empty void that the eating disorder left and replace it with something healthy. Even though my eating disorder was hurting me physically and emotionally, I felt as though it was my best friend and losing that part of me was very difficult.

  3. letting go of the attachment to food being friend/foe, comforter/control required from me a very real grieving process. the whole denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, acceptance thing.

    i stayed in sadness/depression for a long time and even sometimes still feel sad that the ice cream won’t actually help me!

    haha, now I laugh about it too- and can see the ED me with compassion who needed that.


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