Do you feel selfish?

When some people are suffering, they tend to reach out and try to help others rather than helping themselves.  Sometimes it is easier to focus on other people’s issues rather than our own.  Do you ever feel selfish because you want to change your life and focus on yourself?  Do you feel selfish for seeking treatment for an eating disorder, or trying to get your family to eat healthier because you want to be healthier?


2 thoughts on “Do you feel selfish?

  1. I absolutely love helping others. I do whatever I can for other people, but it frustrates me that I don’t know how to help myself. I am realizing that I need to let others help me.

  2. I am actually the person everyone at school goes to for help, advice, or for someone to listen to them. I actually want to become a counselor. But when people try to get me to talk, I feel bad and apologize every two seconds for talking about my problems.

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