Inner Door Center® Staff Feature: Jesseca Spittle

Meet Jesseca Spittle!

What is your job at the Inner Door Center®?:  I am the Program Intake Coordinator – I take care of getting the prospective program patients started. I check on their insurance benefits, prepare all the papers we give them, I schedule the majority of their appointments, and I prepare and hand out their schedules to them each week.

What is your favorite part of your job?:   I love when we genuinely help someone. I may not be a Therapist or one of the Facilitators in the program, but we in the front office are always thanked for what we do for the patients behind the scenes. When you have a patient tell you that this place has really benefited them, that is what makes all the fighting with insurance companies worth it.

What are your favorite hobbies?:  I read a lot, I love to play Softball though it has been way too long since I’ve stepped foot on a baseball diamond. I love movies, my dad and I go every Sunday morning to see the newest release for the week.

What is your favorite book?:   It would have to be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Really the whole series because I’ve read it about 12 times but if I had to pick one of the 7 it would have to be that one.

An interesting/unusual fact about you that you’d like to share:  I put Ketchup on absolutely everything. (So do I Jesseca!!)


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