Inner Door Center® Staff Feature: Beverly Price, MA, RD, E-RYT – CEO & Founder

Meet Beverly Price, MA, RD, E-RYT – the CEO & Founder of Reconnect with Food® at Inner Door Center®!

Beverly Price, MA, RD, E-RYT is the CEO and Founder of Reconnect with Food® at Inner Door Center®.  She is a registered dietitian, an exercise physiologist and a registered yoga teacher.  In addition to all of these hats that Beverly wears, she is also a wife and she is a mother to a 17 year old daughter and 9 year old Bichon Frise (dog) who is the “son she never had”.

Beverly started the Reconnect with Food® program because she felt there was something missing in traditional eating disorder treatment programs.  Beverly herself struggled with eating disorders growing up, and when she first started her career as a registered dietitian it was too triggering for her to work with eating disorder patients.  Beverly discovered yoga as a source of healing, and through her training and her own recovery, she discovered what was missing from traditional treatment programs.  That is why Reconnect with Food® incorporates yoga therapy, which is a different form of yoga from the Westernized version that you see in gyms.  The yoga therapy used at Inner Door Center® goes back to yoga’s Eastern philosophies where patients who practice really experience the yoga and get a therapy similar to DBT and ACT therapies.

I had a rare chance to sit down with Beverly during one of her busy days and ask her a few questions to learn more about her life “behind the scenes” at Inner Door Center®.

What is a typical day like at Inner Door Center® for you as the CEO and founder?:  There is no such thing as a “typical day” for me.  I may have a schedule of appointments and tasks, but that schedule often gets interrupted.  I’m always dealing with a patient’s crisis, battling with insurance companies, and other surprises that complicate my day.

What is it like being a woman business owner and entrepreneur?:  It can be hard.  Most women of my generation just don’t know how to take me.  I demand 1000% or more so because I am so concerned about giving the best care to our patients.

What is your favorite book?:  The last book that I read that really had an impact on me was “Signs of Life” which was written by my daughter’s English teacher.  The book is about losing her spouse early on in the marriage, and it was really inspiring.

What is your favorite kind of music?:  I love New Age 80’s music.  I listen to the Sirius channel “First Wave” – I really look forward to getting into my car in the morning so I can listen to my music.

Who inspires you the most?:  Johnny Kest and everyone at the Center for Yoga.  They have given me the drive I need to keep pursuing this.


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