Take Your Worst and Make It Your Best!

This article was adapted from: http://www.notonadiet.com/10-tips-for-a-healthy-body-image/

You know those days when you wake up and you just don’t like what you see in the mirror?  You can’t seem to find the right outfit, your hair just isn’t working for you, and you’re just bound and determined that today is going to be a crappy day.

Some of you out there might be thinking, “That’s how I feel every single day.”  You’re thinking, “How in the world do people get the confidence that they do?”  It’s all about positive self talk, and sometimes faking it until you make it.  Sometimes just putting those positive feelings into the universe can turn a “blah” day into a “Rah!” day.

“Nothing looks good on me.”  Instead of looking at the whole big picture if that is scary for you, look at smaller pieces of the puzzle.  Focus on the parts of you that don’t get covered up – like your face, your eyes, your smile.  Think, “I can make other people happy by showing them my genuine smile.”  Or, “I love the way the color of my eyes looks with this shirt that I am wearing.”

“If I just lost a few pounds, I would be happy.”  Honor your body, no matter what shape or size it is.  Feed your body with nutritious foods – a balance of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, and dairy – and honor your hunger and fullness.  Treat your body the way you’d treat a friend or loved one; give it all the love that it needs, including the love of good nutrition.  Give your body a treat now and then, in the form of a massage, or a pedicure, or a delicious ice cream sundae “just because”.

“I just know that I am going to mess up tonight and eat too much.”  Don’t try to foresee the future – you’re not a fortune-teller.  Instead of imagining the worse kind of evening, imagine your best possible evening.  What do you really want to do?  Do you want to enjoy a nice pasta dinner with your spouse and watch a movie cuddled up on the couch?  Then think of that!  Do you want to take a long bubble bath with candles and read a book?  Perfect!  Deciding that you’ll do positive things instead of “knowing you’re going to mess up” can paint a whole different picture of what will happen.

“I ate way too much.  I’m going to have to work out for hours to burn off all those calories.”  The body works in magical ways.  There will be days where we overindulge, and there will be days when we don’t eat as much.  This is called “normal eating”.  Exercise is an important part of self-care, but it is not meant to “burn off calories”.  We need calories as energy to fuel our bodies!  Think of how good a workout makes you feel.  If you’re not enjoying every second of a workout, then don’t do it!  Be thankful for the food that you’ve eaten that has provided you with the energy that you need to go to work or school, to laugh with your friends, and to perform exercise that makes you happy.

For more ideas of how to turn your negative self-talk into positive remarks, be sure to visit this blog article: http://www.notonadiet.com/10-tips-for-a-healthy-body-image/ and remember that loving yourself is the greatest gift you could ever receive.


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