Inner Door Center® Staff Feature: Tawana Jackson, RMA

Meet Tawana Jackson, RMA and Utilization Review Specialist at Inner Door Center®!

What do you do at Inner Door Center®?:  As the RMA, I assist clinicians in the facility to make sure that every aspect of patient care is addressed.  I offer my support to clinicians in the facility.

Where did you/do you go to school and for what?:  My RMA program was at Sanford Brown College in Dearborn, MI.  My class was the 2nd group to graduate from the program.  I am currently going to Wayne County Community College for my ADN (Associates Degree in Nursing).

What are your career goals/aspirations?:  Currently working on becoming a RN with the ultimate goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner specializing in either anesthesiology or psychiatry.

What does a day at work look like for you?:  A typical Friday, for example, starts with 8am case consultation where we discuss our current program patients and the plan of care.  Then I usually take vitals for patients in the programs.  I remind patients to take their medications if they are on any.  Throughout the day I work with clinicians on treatment plans for our patients and request for authorization from insurance companies.  Sometimes I may have orientations for new program clients or new interns coming to the program.  And I am always learning with the clinicians!

What are your favorite hobbies?:  I love shopping for clothes and shoes.  I love talking to other women about clothes, shoes and hair.  I love to read.  I love listening to music.

Who inspires you the most?:  Jackie Meyers (the program director for all eating disorder treatment programs at Inner Door Center®) inspires me most.  I don’t know how she is able to listen to every patient every day, over and over again, and not let it affect her.  That really inspires me.

What is your favorite book?:  I love Shakespeare.  My favorite work from Shakespeare is Much Ado About Nothing.  I also love to indulge in a cheesy romance novel from time to time.  The last one I read was by Brenda Jackson.

What kind of music do you listen to?:  I love jazz, especially the electric cello.  I also love orchestral music.

An interesting/unusual fact about you that you’d like to share:  I love Yo-Yo-Ma.  My son and I met Yo-Yo-Ma.  My son had the opportunity as a cello player to meet and play with Yo-Yo-Ma at Orchestra Hall.  He was one of three kids that were chosen from Michigan to meet and play with him.  Currently my son is going to college to produce music and he plays five different instruments.


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