Inner Door Center® Volunteer Feature: Jessica Jodoin

Meet Jessica Jodoin!  She volunteered with us at Inner Door Center® from May to August 2010.

What did you do during your volunteer experience at Inner Door Center®?:  I helped organize medical charts, researched and put together a PowerPoint presentation pertaining to anorexia nervosa and Diabetes.  Assisted Beverly on researching for numerous research papers.  Helped prepare lunches and snacks for patients.  Put together flyers for the treatment center.

What was something that stood out to you about your experience at Inner Door Center®?:  I loved it when I got the chance to participate in the classes and have one-on-one time with the patients.

What are you doing now?:  Just graduated from college and will be starting my dietetic internship at Michigan State University in the fall!

What was your favorite class in college?:  My favorite class out of my whole college career is definitely Human Anatomy, we had the opportunity to work with cadavers.

How did your volunteer experience at Inner Door Center® help you to get where you are now?:  Helped me enrich my knowledge of eating disorders, as well as see what goes into owning your own business.

What are your career goals – short term, long term, etc.?:  Short term goals include continuing to gain experience in the field and specialty of eating disorders.  My long term goals include getting my LPC, or Wellness Coach Certification along with passing my RD exam.

How does your future career relate to what you did at Inner Door Center®?:  Working alongside Beverly Price allowed me to interact with the environment that I someday hope to work in.

Why would you recommend volunteering at Inner Door Center® to other students?:  I would definitely recommend volunteering at the Inner Door Center to other students!  My experience there was great and I would do it again.


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