Inner Door Center® Intern Feature: Ashlee Carnahan

As a registered dietitian, one of the most rewarding parts of my job is when I am able to share my passion for nutrition and treatment of eating disorders with students and interns.  I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with two dietetic interns from my alma mater, Henry Ford Health Systems Dietetic Internship.  This week I am featuring Ashlee Carnahan on our blog and next week I will share my experience with another dietetic intern from HFHS.  Upon meeting Ashlee, I knew that she would interact well with our clients at Inner Door Center®.  She has a very approachable personality and shows that she genuinely cares about others.  Her passion for nutrition education was very evident during the group nutrition class that she led during her experience at Inner Door Center®.

 Meet Ashlee Carnahan, Dietetic Intern at Henry Ford Hospital Main Campus!

Describe the focus of your dietetic internship, rotations you’ve had, etc.:  The internship has a clinical concentration involving rotating throughout the entire hospital. Clinical rotations include: Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Pediatrics, Oncology, Renal, and weeks in the Critical Care Units.

Briefly describe your intern experience/duties at Inner Door Center®:  I interacted with clients throughout my entire day there. This involved participating in all the meals and snacks they had, cooking lunch with them, and also teaching their nutrition class they had that day. I also participated in the yoga class that the clients are involved in. It was definitely a side of dietetics that I hadn’t seen before, which I feel every future dietitian should see before entering the field!

What was something that stood out to you about your experience at Inner Door Center®?:  Megan allowed me to actively participate in the nutrition class. I like educating/ helping the clients with their nutrition questions/concerns.

What made you interested in having an internship rotation at Inner Door Center®?:  Inner Door Center® provides you with a great insight in working with eating disorders.  I think it’s something every future dietitian should experience!

What are some of your favorite rotations you have had in your dietetic internship so far?:  I loved all of my rotations! I always had an interest in eating disorders which intrigued me to do an elective at Inner Door Center® to gain experience in that area of dietetics.

What are your career goals – short term, long term, etc.?:  Upon the completion of my dietetic internship, I plan to finish my Master of Science Degree in Nutrition/Dietetics through Central Michigan University’s Online Program.

My long-term goals have changed as I have gained experience in various aspects of the field and have seen first-hand our society’s need for nutrition education.  I envision this happening not only through school programs but also through corporations, wellness centers, and radio and television venues.  I also see myself leading individuals in a clinical facility.

How do you think your experience at Inner Door Center® will help you reach your career goals?:  I think that the elective rotation at Inner Door Center® allowed me to gain experience in a part of patient education I had never performed before. It allowed me to become more well-rounded in my field and in the future will make me a better dietitian.


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