Inner Door Center® Volunteer Feature: Ellen Darnall

At Inner Door Center® we welcome volunteers interested in eating disorders to help out at our clinic as often as we can.  We have various interns and volunteers working with our therapists, the program, our dietitians, and much more.  This week, meet Ellen Darnall – a  Michigan State University dietetics program graduate that volunteered with Inner Door Center® during the summer of 2010.

Briefly describe your volunteer experience/duties at Inner Door Center®:  At the Inner Door Center® I was able to participate in yoga sessions, mindful eating sessions, food preparation, office work, research and I interacted with patients.

What was something that stood out to you about your experience at Inner Door Center®?:  I had never heard of mindful eating until volunteering at the Inner Door Center®. I love how yoga and art therapy are incorporated into the treatment program. The Inner Door Center® is a very welcoming place I liked coming to volunteer and always felt appreciated by the staff and patients.

What were your favorite classes in college?:  I have really enjoyed all of my medical nutrition therapy classes! I also took an elective class on eating disorders that was really eye opening for me.

How did your volunteer experience at Inner Door Center® help you to get where you are now?:  The Inner Door Center® helped me understand how to interact with patents and helped me realize that I can help make a big difference in someone’s life.

Would you recommend volunteering at Inner Door Center® to other students?:  Yes absolutely, the Inner Door Center® was a great place to volunteer I learned so much about mind and body connections in relation to food. You definitely don’t learn these types of things in classes.

If you’d like to learn more about our volunteer and internship opportunities at Inner Door Center®, please visit our website or call our office (248) 336-2868 for more information.

Don’t forget – Stereotype Event is less than a week away!  We hope to see many of you at our event to support eating disorder awareness, prevention and treatment.  Visit the Stereotype Event Website for more information and to get tickets to the event.


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