Inner Door Center® Intern Feature: Laura Meagher

I recently had the opportunity to work with a dietetic intern from my alma mater – Henry Ford Hospital.  Her insight and intrigue around eating disorders made the experience so enjoyable for me.  Meet Laura Meagher… dietetic intern at Henry Ford Hospital!

Where are you doing your dietetic internship?  Describe the focus of the internship, rotations you’ve had, etc.:  I am doing my internship at Henry Ford Hospital Detroit center.  My internship has a clinical focus.  I have almost completed my internship, rotations left include staff relief and a general week of preparing resume, etc.  Once completed I will be studying hard to prepare for my RD exam.

Briefly describe your intern experience/duties at Inner Door Center®:  While at the Inner Door Center I participated in a full day of activates including all meals and snacks, yoga and nutrition counseling.  I also had the opportunity to teach a nutrition class on carbohydrates and B vitamins.

 What was something that stood out to you about your experience at Inner Door Center®?:  Spending the day at the Inner Door Center was an eye opening experience.  I learned a great deal of information about eating disorders.  It was a unique opportunity to witness the disorders the patients had in real life as compared to reading about it in a text book or personal experiences.  The whole experience stood out to me, I will never forget it.  I enjoyed getting to know all of the patients and staff, everyone was extremely kind hearted and facilitated a learning environment.

What made you interested in having an internship rotation at Inner Door Center®?:  Learning more information about eating disorders than from text book or personal experiences was important to me.  I wanted to see the role that the RD played in person and gain a deeper understanding.  This is a complex disease that requires a team approach.  Participating at the Inner Door Center for my rotation showed me what a dynamic team the center provides.

What are some of your favorite rotations you have had in your dietetic internship so far?:  My favorite rotations during the internship so far have been working the oncology floor, neurology floors, nursing home and ICU.  These were rotations where I felt a strong connection with the patient population and enjoyed the challenge of meeting their nutritional needs.

What are your career goals – short term, long term, etc.?:  In the short term I would love to get a job!  I enjoy the entire field of dietetics and would be happy with any work that I start with to gain experience and increase my clinical skills.  In the long term I have some areas that I am interested in but I have not picked a clear path yet.  Those areas include ICU, oncology, nursing homes and eating disorders.

How do you think your experience at Inner Door center® will help you reach your career goals?:  Now that I have had my amazing experience at Inner Door center I will know how to better approach working with eating disorders if I end up working with that population in the future.  The experience itself was humbling and I learned much more information from the patients and staff than I ever could have dreamed.  I will always remember the experience and keep it in mind wherever I end up in the future.

Why would you recommend an internship rotation at Inner Door Center® to other students?:  This is a rotation that I strongly recommend to interns or students.  The rotation will provide you with a plethora of information and a unique experience.  This is a rare opportunity that should be participated in if at all possible!


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