Celebrating Labor Day with an Eating Disorder

To most people Labor Day is about enjoying nice weather, delicious food and good company.  It is tradition to go to a barbeque with friends and family and converse over a meal.  When you have an eating disorder, going to that very same barbeque can be extremely stressful and triggering.  When going to another person’s home, you do not have control over the food being served and this may cause anxiety. Although it is traditional to have bonding over food during holidays, these events can cause severe discomfort and disordered behaviors in those struggling with an eating disorder.

Thinking ahead before going to any event is a way to facilitate success.  Here are some tips that will enable you to succeed while in a difficult eating situation.

  1. Sit with your emotions, remind yourself that this is a process and you are in control.
  2. Practice your mindful and intuitive eating techniques.
  3. Challenge yourself to try a new food while at the event.
  4. Have a support system in place that is available as needed.

At the Inner Door Center®, we teach techniques through yoga and meditation to help deal with difficult situations that are encountered throughout your life.  Please call the office or visit the website at reconnectwithfood.com to acquire more information.


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