The Power of Positive Affirmations in Recovery

At the Inner Door Center® we believe that positive affirmations will help a person through their recovery.  Whether we exchange positive affirmations during our group therapy sessions or during  lunch, they are regularly incorporated into our treatment program.

What is a positive affirmation?

A positive affirmation is an optimistic self-specific statement that is repeated several times.  Repetition of these inner goals will reach into your subconscious and eventually become part of who you are.  In time, your negative thoughts will be replaced by the positive affirmation statement.  Stating affirmations aloud or just in your head gives you control over your mind, which during recovery can be a very empowering tool.

Affirmations can be used in more than one way.  Instead of stating an affirmation, you can write it.  If looking in the mirror is challenging for you at times, write a positive affirmation on the mirror that says “I am beautiful”.  Look at the affirmation and confidently repeat it several times while looking at yourself.

You can set up your own pattern to how you follow your daily affirmations.  Whether you repeat one or two in the morning or the afternoon is up to you.  Follow the schedule you set up for one month and then add another affirmation to your routine.

Examples of positive affirmations to use during the recovery process:

•             I am confident
•             Food is nutritious and benefits my body
•             I accept myself
•             I trust in the process of recovery
•             I accept where I am in my journey to recovery
•             I speak my truth
•             I have self-worth
•             I can let go of my fears
•             I will recover
•             I am stronger than my disorder
•             I love my body the way it is
•             I have unconditional love for my body
•             I am perfect the way I am
•             I deserve to be loved


If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Inner Door Center® and the programs we have available visit our website at or call our office at (248) 336-2868. 






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