Weight Stigma Awareness Week

Inner Door Center ® is participating in an event called Weight Stigma Awareness Week.  The purpose of this week is to “bring awareness to a common and entrenched social injustice that often results in serious physical and mental health consequences for those affected.”

Most people have made a remark about someone else’s body and even their own.  We want you to think about how you feel when this happens to you or someone you care about.  I know that it has made me feel negative, which is a normal response.  Let’s work together during this awareness week and in the future to make a positive change to help eliminate these negative words.  Take time to think about any weight stigmas you may make in your own life.  How can you make positive changes to avoid doing so?

Here at the Inner Door Center ®, we promote health at every size and accept everyone as they are.  We work towards having healthy body images not only of ourselves but of others.    By speaking our truth we educate people to do the same and avoid making weight stigmas.  Take the next step in your life not only by making personal changes, but by inspiring others to follow in your footsteps.  Together we can make a difference.

If you are tired of feeling bad about yourself, come learn why YOU are enough, this fall at the R.Y.S.E. group presented at Inner Door Center®.

What is R.Y.S.E?

Raise Your Self-Esteem is a group that was created by ReNisha Simpkins, MA, LLPC to help improve women’s view of the self, body, image and identity. These improvements are met by using unique group workshops that will challenge and motivate you through innovative projects, group discussion, exposure therapy and activities.

Group Held Thursday October 18, 25 and November 1 and 8, 2012 from 7-9:00 PM

Week 1: How do I see myself?         Week 2: Where has my confidence gone?

Week 3: The right to be Me! Self-care body appreciation day   Week 4: New beginning

If you find that you continually make weight stigmas about yourself and need help to change your thoughts Inner Door Center ® can help.  Call (248) 336-2868 or visit our website at innerdoorcenter.com to learn more and get in touch with a dietitian and therapist to help you in your journey.  


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