Meet the Inner Door Center®

First, I would like to thank everyone who follows the Inner Door Center blog!  Overtime, you may have visited our website, Facebook page or Twitter to get familiar with what we accomplish at the center.  Yes, we are an eating disorders treatment facility; however, we may be a lot different than what you would have “normally” pictured.

As a free standing Partial Hospitalization Program for Eating Disorder treatment, located in a hip and urban community, we have the advantage over hospital-based programs in many areas.  We can arrange outings at the nearby clothing stores, restaurants, and farmer’s market.  We have picnicked in local parks and enjoyed challenges at a variety of restaurants and ice cream stores.  In the future, we have an outing planned at the Emagine theatre, right in our backyard.  Participating in activities in the local community is always a good time.  For example, we attended Arts, Beats and Eats in Downtown Royal Oak as a therapeutic challenge.

Why a free-standing partial program is also tough to beat by an in-hospital partial program is that our family days can be creative, active and often loud!  Our patients have also been known to bring not only their human family members, but pets are allowed with permission as well!  Our environment is welcoming to families and they leave having become part of the Inner Door Center® family.

Would you expect to see yoga mats as a staple at an eating disorders clinic?  At Inner Door Center®, participating in yoga both “on” and “off” the mat is a daily practice.  Using mindfulness yoga therapeutics as a tool—Reconnect with Food®, a highly innovative method, helps clients to heal.  Our yoga based program is one of a kind and the clients love it!  Shelly L from Flint, MI said, “out of all of my hospitalizations in the past, this program was by far the best.  It compares to none.  I finally made the mind-body connection and reconnected with food.”

As you can see, a free-standing partial program for Eating Disorders, particularly the Inner Door Center, is where it’s at!

“This was truly insightful, and I find it hard to believe I could be the same again.  This has changed me.  This was a positive experience.  I am glad I gave this gift to myself…mind, body and soul.”  Illene H. New York, NY


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