Staff Feature: Meet Renisha Simpkins

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of our talented therapist Renisha Simpkins for an interview.  Renisha prefers to go by “Rae”.   We all always know when Rae is present at the Inner Door because of her positive and sometimes loud personality!  Enjoy getting to know her in this week’s staff feature.

Credentials/job title at Inner Door Center®:  Renisha Simpkins, MA with NCC status.

How would you explain your job:  I am a therapist and a group leader.  I am the main family therapist here at the Inner Door Center®.  My specialization is in couples, families and addictions.  I do a lot of experiential therapy including music and psychodrama.  I try to use very artistic and creative therapies.  Three days a week, I participate in group therapy with the eating disorders clients.  During that time, we do a lot of exposure therapy.

Where did you go to school at and for what?  I graduated from Oakland University where I earned my masters degree in counseling with specialization in couples and families.  I received my undergraduate degree, a BS in psychology from Ferris State University.

What does a day at work look like for you?  Depends on what day!  I have a mixture of seeing both outpatient and program clients, I also lead group on certain days.  Doing program with the clients on a “Wild Wednesday with Rae” we deal with the chakra for the week and do an experiential therapy. Experiential therapy can be a variety of techniques such as singing, dancing, doing exposure therapy through mirror work or going to your local mall.  All of my exposure therapies deal with social anxiety, body image and healing past wounds to be present in the present.  The more and more you become authentic and comfortable with the fullness of who you are, the more confident you become and you gain the ability to tap into your real gifts.

What is your favorite part of your job? My favorite part is the fact that I get to work in my creative way for a place that stands for what I believe in.  Eating disorders are a profound issue and I get to practice and learn hands on.  I get to learn the battle these clients deal with daily and help to heal them.

What are your career goals/aspirations?  I hope to deal with minority populations bringing emphasis to obesity from a clinical perspective.  My passion is the obese population, I want to bring more awareness to obesity as an eating disorder.

What are your favorite hobbies?  I enjoy a variety of activities!  For example, I enjoy singing, organized dancing, spending time with my nephews, hanging out with friends, karaoke, writing and styling hair.

Who inspires you the most?  My mother, this is because of her resiliency and ability to see things from more than one way.  My mother pushes me to towards dreams in any way possible.

An interesting/unusual fact about you that you’d like to share:  I started two non-profit organizations.  I am a MC (radio personality) and I host different events.  I am a minister, however, not your traditional one!  I sang for President Clinton in 98’. One time I got lost in Paris and had to learn French to get around.  After that scare, I earned a certificate in French and declared I would never be lost again!

I know that you are a fan of quotes, what is your favorite Rae quote? Well I have two, “you are bigger than your thoughts” and “power over shame equals self-acceptance”.  Another quote I really love is one that I learned in church years ago, “your authority is in your authenticity”.



One thought on “Staff Feature: Meet Renisha Simpkins

  1. Renesha is both comforting and confrontational. Personable, yet professional. Flexible, yet solid. In a year and a half, her skill and authenticity helped walk me from the edge of disaster back to life…and for that I’m grateful.

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