Self–harm and eating disorders

In this line of practice, we see clients that partake in self-harm activities at times such as cutting.  This is a very serious behavior and is not to be taken lightly.  How to deal with this sensitive issue is by working with a well-equipped team.

The first line of defense is to ensure that at every meeting self – harm behaviors are addressed.  This way staff can be notified immediately and healthy coping can start.  We work with the lead therapist and the medical assistant to address the issue as soon as I am aware.  The client is taken care of both physically and emotionally.  Why the behavior came up is discussed with the therapist as well as ways to avoid it from happening in the future.

Why self – harm?  When someone is dealing with complicated issues they look for a way to escape.  At times they feel that this is the only way to provide a distraction.  The goal is to divert from calorie counting, thinking about going to the gym or looking at the plate of food in front of them.   Self – harm is not an option for coping.  Self – harm can leave a permanent mark for a temporary issue.

At the Inner Door Center® we believe in teaching our clients healthy coping mechanisms that allow them to move away from self – harm.  Through both therapy and yoga, clients can learn to sit with their emotions and handle them in an appropriate manor.  By starting our day at the clinic with yoga, clients are more calm and centered.  They can then take what they learn on the mat in yoga off the mat and into their daily lives.

If you or someone you know is participating in this unhealthy behavior we can provide help.  Our staff is trained to help facilitate in moving towards a lifestyle with healthy coping skills.  Inner Door Center’s® unique staff can provide the holistic approach needed to heal.  Visit or call 248-336-2868 today to learn more.


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