Making This Thanksgiving A Success

Thanksgiving can be an extremely difficult time for someone with an eating disorder.  Not only are they dealing with the typical family stress but also the stress of the meal that everyone else is looking forward too.  They are nervous that there family is going to be watching them eat or comment on their appearance.  They are scared that they are going to over eat and have to sit at a table uncomfortable with the food in their stomach.

This week at the Inner Door Center® we started to process the idea of Thanksgiving and how this can be a successful holiday.  Clients were provided with group therapy time to discuss their fears and plans.  They were given handouts for general holiday preparation that covered numerous aspects from preparation to setting realistic expectations.   We also had a pre-Thanksgiving meal at the center.  During this time we explored the food and the feelings associated with it.  Making it through this meal provided the clients with confidence for their real Thanksgiving meal.

Our tips to be successful

  • Be honest with yourself and your close ones.  Explain what you are nervous about
  • Start the day by practicing yoga and reminding yourself to carry your practice off the mat
  • Practice truly giving thanks for the meal that you are a part of and express your gratitude
  • Use mindful eating to experience all the sensations that arise from the meal-what is the taste, texture, smell?
  • Have a support system in place that can help you to stay focused on your values and goals
  • Calm yourself if you start to feel anxious through meditation and deep breathing techniques.

If you find the upcoming holidays to be a challenging time, the Inner Door Center® can help you to process and make a successful plan.  This can be a very stressful time of the year, but it does not have to be, we can help.  Call 248-336-2868 or visit today to learn more and schedule an appointment today.


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