Do you let a binge take control over your life and your choices?   If so, then you establish an unhealthy pattern.  This decision is all about choices.  Making the choice to normalize eating patterns throughout the day is the healthy option that moves towards recovery.  By following your meal plan, you will be providing your body with the nourishment it needs.  This can help to decrease hunger in the evening and potentially decrease the quantity of your binge.

Using mindfulness to be aware of food choices and the purpose they are serving can help improve meal times.  Ask yourself, “What am I really hungry for?”  At Inner Door Center® we have clients fill out food logs and meditate to center.  They notice their environment, level of hunger and satiety, emotions, thoughts about the meal and much more.

Our philosophy is that we do not adapt our behaviors to help fuel the eating disorder.  We strive to constantly improve healthy behaviors that will nourish the body and provide energy in the direction of recovery.  Inner Door Center® is available to help you in your recovery by providing the tools that are needed to succeed.  Visit to read more about our available services.

What steps have you taken to implement healthy eating behaviors without being scared of the unknown future?


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