Continuity Of Practice Is The Secret to Success

My yoga teacher tells a story about the woman who dug for water. She went from spot to spot, digging on the surface. When she did not find any water, she quickly moved on to the next hole and so on. Had she stayed in one place and dug deeper, she would have eventually hit the water. This story parallels the journey of many individuals in healing their relationship with food. Many individuals in treatment find ways to distract themselves or avoid full commitment to a program, so that they don’t have to go deep.

Recovery is hard work. It is a process and a journey vs a destination. At the Inner Door Center® our model for eating disorder treatment is to engage into treatment, which may make you feel uncomfortable. Feeling uncomfortable is actually a positive! When you are uncomfortable, this is when transformation takes place. In our Yoga-based treatment program, the philosophy of Yoga is a metaphor for living your life.  In the physical aspect of our Yoga-therapy component, poses are held long and linked with breath. You are encouraged to find your physical edge in order to get to the core of your emotional edge. By peeling back the layers, this allows you to tap into your inner wisdom. When poses– like situations in life– are most challenging, this is when the healing work begins.

The more you get to know yourself, through these challenging situations, you eventually find yourself in the driver’s seat. You are no longer looking for someone to coddle you and come to your rescue when a crisis occurs in your life. You work through every struggle, as uncomfortable and difficult as it may be, and then feel so much more empowered.

Individuals who go through with the Reconnect with Food® program at the Inner Door Center® are committed to forging through the ups and downs. They obtain the wisdom and tools to observe themselves in all life situations.  They also know when the scope and magnitude of their eating disorder needs continuous or more intensive support.

So the next time you want to fall back on something that is easy, just notice. Change may be uncomfortable, but examine what more is frustrating- to stay where you are or take the first chisel into that iceberg.  In summary, always remember, continuity of practice is the secret of success.

Visit our website to learn more about our Reconnect with Food® eating disorder treatment program, and learn about the admission process.


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