Making Changes

Change. Wikpedia defines change as, “the process of becoming different,” or “the act or process of changing.”

Change is not easy. It is uncomfortable and requires effort. Change is hard, but often harder to stay the same–or for some–stuck. In our Reconnect with Food® Yoga-based eating disorder treatment programs at the Inner Door Center, participants often find themselves in physically uncomfortable Yoga poses-a metaphor for the uncomfortable emotional situations one may need to endure to grow and transform. Challenges and obstacles are life’s greatest teachers-both on and off the yoga mat.

When it comes to making personal changes or changes that involve livelihood or professional image, many people become scared of making the changes they want to embrace. A “new you” sounds attractive and intriguing, but without enough direct experience about the kinds of changes that you want to make, change becomes a large mountain to climb. It often takes a personal revelation, along with a sensory level experiences to change habits. For example, you may know someone close to you that has experienced a near death experience or some form of hitting rock bottom, when all of a sudden they are practicing a new form of self-care that deviates from what they used to practice. Maybe they are attending a pace of worship more regularly now or their personality has become kinder and gentler. On the other hand, these individuals may start voicing their opinion more readily, while beginning to speak their truths.

Perhaps your voice has been suppressed for time on end. As you begin to speak your truth, you begin to move into a place of vulnerability, exposed and naked before the community in which you stand. As you hear these new found words– or the words communicated to you by others who share your struggle–energy is moved, and those on the receiving end begin to work through transformative issues. This is the process of growth. As a change agent, change is not about fixing one another, but being present for one another.

You can be whom you choose to be and create yourself anew with every moment. Being the type of person you want to be, starts with doing the thing that person who you want to be does which leads to naturally having the things you want to have. What is the burning fire within you? Is it freedom, peace, recognition? Know yourself and who you want to be. Once you discover this, you will naturally do the things that give you freedom, peace or recognition. The more you develop your own character, the more value you have to share with others.

Thank you to wise women, Nancy McCaochan and Dawn Singer who were the inspiration for this article.


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