Set Your Intentions for Personal Growth the New Year

Happy New Year! Did you ever consider your recovery journey to be a personal growth program? Let the chakras be your guide in letting your healing path unfold in 2010.

Manifest your dream.

What is it that you want out of life? How can you get to where you want to go? Get grounded, directed and focused vs. wandering all over the map to find answers. If you are jumping from one recovery program to the next, you will never be able to grow and heal. Stay committed.

Know that it is your right to have what you want.

Don’t let anyone squash your dreams. The road to recovery takes patience and persistence. There may be a lot of ups and downs, but don’t let the downs scare you away from moving forward. These obstacles are teachers. Learn and grow from these lessons.

Set your intentions for your recovery/personal growth program.

The power of will is strong. Feel what you want. Experience transformation in full technicolor. Remember, the energy that you put out is the energy you will receive.

Exude love and trust vs. fear and doubt.

Remember, fear and doubt can’t live within love and trust. The sincere love and passion that you exude will pull you forward when the chips are down.

Express yourself.

Express what you want to achieve verbally and in writing. For some, journaling is a way of expression, for others it is yoga, dance, movement, performing arts or even art therapy. Allow yourself the creative expression that resonates with your soul.

Have a clear vision of what you want.

Give yourself down time so that you can see beyond the murky waters. Continually check in with yourself on your healing path. You are never done as there is always something to learn and reveal itself.

Allow yourself an awakening and enlightenment.

Be open to what is real for you. Conventional therapy can only take you so far. Transcend beyond just talking about issues and begin to experience. Go with your gut and what feels right to you.


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