Are You Judging?

My yoga teacher tells a story about a woman who stares out her window and sees her neighbor’s dirty clothes hanging in plain view.  The neighbor cannot believe that the woman insists on publicly displaying her dirty clothes.  One day, the neighbor noticed that the clothes were clean.  The neighbor approached the woman’s husband and exclaimed, “Your wife’s clothes are finally clean.”  The woman’s husband responded, “The clothes were always clean.  I just washed our windows.”

This story illustrates how we are quick to judge without gathering all of the facts.  We are quick to make stereotypes.  We judge the behavior of others without collecting knowing the entire story.  Professionals judge other professionals about the way they practice their healing work, without understanding what is involved as they have not experienced the healing work themselves.

Take a self inventory.  The new year is a great time to look to your own and identify what behaviors are working for you…or not.  You can wipe the slate clean at anytime and start anew.


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