Freedom from Eating Disorders

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

People often cannot imagine a life without an eating disorder.  They are too accustomed to the lifestyle that they have been partaking in.  Having an eating disorder takes up most of your day.  If you have been in the disorder for some time, it is hard to think how you would function without it.  Faith in the freedom of recovery should never be underestimated.

Martin Luther King Jr. gives great insight in his quote.  Although you may not be able to see the whole staircase of recovery, you can take a leap of faith in the direction that will provide you a healthy future.

Put trust in your support team, that they can provide the strong foundation you need to be supported on the stairs of your staircase.  Do not be afraid to have to use a rail for support if times feel unsteady.  You may fall down the stairs at times, but you can find the strength to keep moving forward.

Find the support team you need to help you move towards freedom from your eating disorder.  Inner Door Center© is available to support you through your journey.  Visit or call our office at 248-336-2868 to learn how to have us be part of your recovery team.


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