Passive Me, Aggressive Eating Disorder


One of my favorite bands to listen to is the Naked and Famous.  One  of their albums that I particularly love to listen to is called “Passive Me, Aggressive You”.  This really made me think about how that title can be applied in our lives.  Anyone could say passive me, aggressive blank.  The blank could be boss, anxiety, mom, bank, eating disorder, or husband to name a few.  How often do we find ourselves being passive and letting someone else, or something else be aggressive over us.

When suffering with an eating disorder this saying can be applied often based on what state of recovery you are in.  During lunch, you might be passive to the eating disorder and let it be aggressive and depict if you are going to eat.  When you are on the treadmill you might find that the thoughts in your head win to tell you to keep going farther even though you are tired and it is unhealthy.

How do we change from being the passive person, to the aggressive?  First, bring awareness in your life to notice the times when you are being passive.  Are you doing it unknowingly or are you fully aware?  Next you will need to find the strength to change from being passive.  Learn to stand up for yourself and what you deserve, which is recovery and health.  Fight the irrational thoughts with rational.  Do not fall victim to the disorder, stand strong for yourself.

Inner Door Center® can help you to change from being passive to the aggressive in your life.  Our therapists can help you to realize what changes need to be made and how to be successful in applying them in your life.  Visit our website or call us at 248-336-2868 to make an appointment or learn more.  We are a resource that is here to support you.


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