Break Down Your Plate Mindfully

You are sitting at the table and have dinner ready right in front of you.  There is only one problem, the meal terrifies you.  You know that you should eat it, eating it moves towards recovery…but if it was only that easy.

As a dietitian, I try my best to work with my clients to make that plate a little less scary.  You may think no way, that plate is fat and calories!  By taking a different perspective to how you look at your plate you can have a new appreciation for food.

How to Break Down Your Plate Mindfully

  • Have your meal in a calm environment and at the table
  • Use the power of your breath to relax
  • Look at your meal
  • Notice the different food groups that you have in front of you
  • Do you know the nutrients that you can receive from those foods?
  • How can these nutrients help your body function in a better way?
  • How can your specific body benefit from these nutrients? i.e. stronger nails, regular bowel movements, stronger bones.
  • Know that eating this meal will move you forward in your efforts for recovery
  • Be grateful for the energy the meal will provide you to help you through your endeavors throughout the day.

This is the approach that I use during meal times at the clinic with the clients.  When someone is struggling, we will review what they have learned from nutrition lessons and discuss all of the positives that can come from eating that meal.

Interested in learning more about the food you are eating?  I am a resource that is available to you at Inner Door.  Call 248-336-2868 and visit to learn more.


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