Change or Transformation?

From the outside looking in, change my seem easy.  However, change implies a forced state of being, with often short term results.  Change often works from the outside in–perhaps a dietary regimen as a means to heal your food issues.  A food plan works on the physical being, with no attempt to uncover the emotion behind what is really going on. Transformation works from the inside – out. It heals on a much deeper level, through exploring what is going on emotionally and spiritually.  It feels right–not forced. You work at your own stage of readiness vs. that of your healthcare provider.

Your Yoga mat is an excellent teacher and metaphor for change.  Holding uncomfortable postures and experiencing your edge is a dynamic way to change from the outside-in.  The meditative aspects of Yoga can help you go inside to discern what feels right for you at any given moment.  The message from your Yoga teacher or Yoga therapist can be heard on a deep, connective tissue level.

Want to work on transformation?  Inner Door has numerous resources available for you from our day treatment program (partial hospitalization), private yoga therapy to group therapy in the evenings.

Visit today to read about the resources we have to offer or call 248-336-2868


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