The Secret to the Best Diet

Throughout the years there have been countless diets that have become the “big thing”.  People are always looking for new ways to lose weight quick.  When I have clients describe their diet to me, be it the Atkins diet or restricting to 700 calories I immediately have a series of questions that I ask.  First, I ask them their goal for the diet.  Then I follow up by asking how long they believe that they can reasonably continue to follow this diet to keep the weight off.  For example, are you really going to avoid carbs for the rest of your life?  Are you really going to be able to only consume 700 calories for a period of time without having medical complications first?

So what is the best diet?  People ask me all the time when they find out I am a RD.  My universal answer is, no diet at all.  This answer always gets a look of disbelief and scrutiny.  I then quickly tell the person I am speaking to, to let me explain myself.  My advice goes as follows: 1. Eat a well-balanced meal plan that includes all of the food groups in the amounts recommended by the government.  (visit to read the recommendations) 2. Eat breakfast, it has been shown that you are more likely to be overweight if you skip this meal. 3. Be mindful before you eat and while you eat.  Take the time to sit down and eat your meal at a table where you can pay attention to your hunger and satiety cues. 4. Do not tell yourself that you are not allowed to eat something.  This is similar to when someone tells you “don’t think about ______”, you automatically start thinking about that word.  Allow yourself to include previously forbidden items in your diet in an appropriate serving size and frequency. From there I would individually work with the client to make adjustments as needed per their medical condition.

Inner Door Center® strives to teach its clients how to be mindful while they eat and to learn beneficial information about the benefits of a well balance meal plan.  Visit to learn more about our available services.


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