How Do You Present?

There have been many shows and magazines that report stories that show how a celebrity is in “real life” if you had the opportunity to actually know them.  Thinking about this story brings up thoughts about both clients and friends alike.  At times, it will take a while for a treatment team to get to know all of the information they need from a client.  This is usually because of the walls that they put up.  This can be for multiple reasons, but the main question is if those walls are serving a positive purpose. 


Thinking about all of this brings me to the title of this blog, “How Do You Present?”  Do you come to your treatment team as is, or do you only allow them to see what you want them to see.  If so, is this really helping you to move forward in your recovery?  This can cause multiple issues such as finding the correct diagnosis and providing the right treatment. 

Take time to find a treatment team that you fully trust and take down your walls.  This will allow you to get the treatment you fully need.  Most importantly, this will help you to not feel so alone.  You will not be carrying around your private information as a burden.  


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