Balancing Effort with Ease

In yoga, we practice balancing effort with ease— sthira and sukha. In your healing process, you may find yourself in many uncomfortable moments. Your yoga practice is a metaphor for these uncomfortable situations. As you move into certain poses, they may feel awkward and challenging. You are encouraged to use effort (sthira) but balance this with ease (sukha). Ease may also be referred to as “surrender.” As you begin to let go of your attachments, you can surrender into your healing work. In turn, you begin to feel lighter—emotionally and spiritually lighter.


You may also find, in the early stages of your healing work, that you become physically ill. If you are not allowing feelings to come to the surface, they will manifest themselves physically. Or, perhaps feelings do come up or you. You notice that you are crying more often or begin to have stronger feelings than usual. This is when many individuals want to bail from their healing program.


Are you crying more?  This may be a breakthrough vs something negative. Are you “talking about feeling” or “feeling, feeling”?  Are you focusing on food—counting, measuring, and weighing… or focusing on the emotion behind the food.


Perhaps the balancing of effort and ease is observing the discomfort you may find in new approaches to your healing, but yet surrendering into these new approaches without judgment or attachment to the outcome. Observe your body, your breath and your behavior without reacting or judging.


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