The Art of Yoga


My yoga teacher taught me that the Law of Impermanence is one of the three universal laws taught by Buddha.  This law states that everything is subject to constant change.  As I reflect on the past, I have experienced many life changes.  As I look to the future, I will continue to meet new challenges.  These changes and challenges will be similar to what I experience on my yoga mat.

I began practicing yoga at the age of eight.  As I began attending yoga regularly, I started noticing changes in myself.  Not only did I build up physical strength through challenging yoga postures, but I built up mental strength.  The yoga studio where I attend classes is a life changing place where I have learned skills to better myself and connect with a diverse group of people.

My friends, like my yoga, are an extremely important part of my life.  Growing up in a small community, it took much courage to step out of my comfort zone.  Upon entering high school, I expanded my circle consisting of a comfortable group of friends since nursery school, to include a diverse group of new friends.  I took a greater step and spent the summer of 2011 attending two different pre-college workshops in fashion marketing, one in Los Angeles, California and the other in Manhattan, New York.  The hardest part about attending these workshops was leaving my friends for the summer.  However, meeting people from all over the country of different cultures and backgrounds opened up my mind to accepting yet even more new people in my life.

As it is a challenge for me to meet new people, every yoga class that I have attended has helped me become stronger.  Not all yoga poses are comfortable and many require strong determination and focus.  These challenging yoga postures have helped me accept every challenge I encounter in life.  When I begin any challenge with a “yogic” mind, I emerge with a great deal of self-acceptance.  When I accept myself, I can accept others in any situation.


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