Be True to Yourself

Someone once told me that the only way to succeed in life is to be yourself and to not let anyone else tell you otherwise. We go through life being influenced by others to do things we may not condone. We flock to friends that have similar personalities, but sometimes when we surround our self with these people, we loose who we truly are. We often stick with friends because it is “easy” or “convenient” but why continue being around people if it causes stress on your life. Other people’s negative energy can often shift negative energy upon us. We should go through life being around people who are as equally concerned about their own problems as they are the people they care about.

 If you find yourself being surrounded by negative energy, remove yourself and reflect back on who you are. Be true to yourself and never forget who you are because when we are influenced by others, we tend to loose our self in the mix.

 If someone tells you you are not capable of doing something, do not let that stop you, only let it motivate you more to prove them wrong.




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