The Key to Recovery

ImageYou can tell a lot about yourself by the keys you carry.

What does your key chain look like?

Take a look at my key chain and you will find the following: my car key, my house key, Mom’s house key, Grandparents house key, Brother’s house key, work keys, cross key chain from friend, tassel from an old bag purchased in France, evil-eye from Turkey, handmade key chain from co-worker, yoga studio pass, market rewards card, library card. By my keys alone, you learn that I am a driver, home-owner, daughter, grand-daughter, sister, worker, Christian, traveler, re-furbisher, yogi, money-saver, reader and friend.

Though your keys may tell the many facets of your identity, they do more than share a story. They are tools in your reach.

Your key ring may be crowded and colorful, or just plain simple. Keys show your roles and relationships with others, along with your authority. But they are more than a metal frame cluing to who you are; keys are tools for your recovery. Though the roles and reasons we hold our keys may differ, the purpose within every key is the same: to lock and unlock doors.

As you progress along the path of recovery, you will come across many doors. Some doors lead to new experiences, others to old memories. You may stumble upon doors that open with ease and others that seem stuck. Recovery presents doors of all shapes and sizes; some doors are pleasing to the eye and some seem too tight to walk through.

What doors are you facing right now in your recovery?

What do they look like?

Are the doors open or locked?

Work with a therapist to overcome the doors that seem impossible to open. Because the truth is, you own the key to every door you encounter. Even if it’s challenging, uncomfortable or frustrating to unlock, you have the power within. You have the key.

You hold the key to lock up the doors of destruction, and unlock the doors to recovery.

The key to recovery is using your keys, your tools, to open doors that welcome change. Recovery is a chamber of change. Changing the way you think, feel, behave and perceive. Welcome change in your life from the days of your disorder to the beautiful path of your recovery. Though you may feel exhausted or afraid at the thought of this change, use your energy and courage from deep within to open the pathway to healing. On this path, you will find new strength and purpose for your life.

Your healing journey can begin now, by the turning of a key.

Inner Door Center is here to support your needs as you unlock the doors to recovery. Call us to schedule an appointment today at 248-336-2868 or visit our website for more information


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