Introducing New Therapist Jeff White, LLPC

JeffJeff White has been a member of the Inner Door Center® staff for about a month and loves what he does here at the center. A young and eager learner, Jeff is ready to be of as much help as he can at the center. If you want to get to know a little about Jeff read the interview below conducted by Carl Conyers, an intern of Inner Door Center®.   Carl: So what’s your name? Jeff: Jeff White Carl: What do you do here at Inner Door Center®? Jeff: I’m a therapist here, I have a degree in counseling so I do individual therapy and couples therapy, out patient and then for program I run groups. Carl: What is your favorite part of working here? Jeff: I like getting to form connections with all the clients that I have, its not really something that there’s much of outside of a job like this, so I get to meet people, I get to know them really well and hopefully help them. Carl: Do you know anyone personally who has a mental disorder? Jeff: I have, yeah. A couple of friends that I grew up with, they’ve struggled with things off and on Carl: Did that have any influence on you wanting to come into this field or was there something else that made you want to become a therapist? Jeff: I think it probably did, it got my interest going in the first place, kind of wondering what they were going through, that kind of got me interested in learning more about that and once I started learning more about that I figured out this was a field I really wanted to work in. Carl: Was what made you want to become a therapist all of that coupled with the information you learned? Jeff: I think the main thing was that I knew I’ve always been very interested in people, just kind of what make them tick and what’s brought them to this point in their life. So that and this is a really good area to do that in. like I said you get to know people very well doing this and you learn all about them. So I guess the main thing that got me into this was just being interested in people and wanting to learn about them. Carl: That’s cool. What are some of the techniques that you use during your sessions? Jeff: I’m kind of like a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and person centered therapy, so person centered therapy is a lot of reflection, kind of paraphrasing what people are saying so that they can hear it in a different way. That can help spur along change sometimes and for Cognitive behavioral therapy its a lot of thinking about how your thoughts influence your emotions so its looking at specific thoughts and challenging them so looking at cognitive errors that some people have so identifying those and changing those Carl: What do you like to do outside of work? Jeff: I’m a really big baseball fan so I watch a lot of baseball Carl: Are you a Tigers fan? Jeff: Yeah, Tigers, Red Wings, Lions but they’re frustrating. So I follow sports, I try to golf I’m not really good but I really like it. I spend time with my dog and my fiancé, I like to read, I’m really into movies and that’s about it. Carl: What advice would you give someone with a friend who has an eating disorder? Jeff: I’m probably a little biased based on what I do for a living but I really would suggest getting some professional help. For an eating disorder and for anything else that people are struggling with. Friends and family really mean well but sometimes it’s hard for them to help that person effectively. So I think getting professional help, it’s scary to do and it’s kind of nerve-wracking, but it’s important so that would be my suggestion. Carl: For a person with an eating disorder, do you have any advice outside of the obvious coming in to get help? Jeff: Id say being honest with themselves, you know a lot of people know what’s going on and know that it’s a big deal but sort of try and deny it, either to themselves or to other people and so I think just being honest with yourself and try to look at yourself objectively, things like that. Carl: The center here focuses on eating disorders, is that the field that you are most interested in or is there something that interests you more? Jeff: I started up just generally seeing, you know the outpatient side you get just whoever comes in so a lot of depression a lot of anxiety a lot of substance abuse and I enjoy working with all that but working here I’m getting more and more experience with eating disorders and the more I get the more I do enjoy it. So I could see myself continuing on working with people with eating disorders. Carl: What is your impression of the center overall? Do you like it here? Jeff: I do like it, it’s really comprehensive. It’s a lot of people on our side of things trying to help each person who comes here, so that’s a huge plus. We’re in constant communication with each other about what a certain person might be struggling with and I really like that about it, the team aspect of it. So its everybody here at inner door working towards the same goal and that’s something that I really like about it here. Carl: You know they kind of have a different take on everything here with the yoga and the other components to healing. How do you feel about that? Jeff: It was kind of new to me, all of that stuff. I had done yoga once or twice before and it was alright but this was an interesting opportunity to sort of be around it more and learn more about it. Not just doing it but the philosophy behind it and I think that was a really interesting experience, something I was skeptical about but something I’m starting to like a lot more too, so once you learn about it I think its really helpful in everyday life.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment to see Jeff please call our front office at 248-336-2868.


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