Is Detroit the Next Recovery Community?


We believe it is.

Lately there has been a frenzy of fascination with and hope for the economic recovery of Detroit. This undeniable buzz is positive, infectious and has provoked people to think in new ways about reclaiming the prosperity of the Motor City. Yet, while the city is being physically recovered, there is an underlying need for personal recovery both physically and mentally.

Contributing to many influential and stable cities across the country is the mental health stability encouraged in recovery communities for its residents. The Fix identified the 10 Best Sober Living Cities in America. For individuals searching for new beginnings to move beyond their addiction and emotional strife, these cities boast unique recovery communities offering intensive treatment, sober living, cultural awareness and social outlets.

You can find unique recovery communities all over the country, and according to The Fix, Boston, LA, Houston, Delray Beach, Minneapolis, Portland, NYC, San Francisco, Nashville & Prescott, AZ are the front runners. For instance, Boston boasts a “commitment exchange” program, similar to an AA group, which focuses on building a sobriety network. Delray has a coffeehouse with its own therapy group, a radio show and even a recovery motorcycle club. Houston dedicates “clubhouses” as venues for recovery. Minneapolis features public sober high schools. Nashville has many community events including homemade ice cream contests, spring flings and cookouts. San Fran is quite diverse & open-minded in its communities, including LGBT support groups, and Spanish-speaking groups. These communities offer ways for people to be connected not only physically to others, but also virtually through social media sites. There is a great deal of energy found in youth undergoing recovery and communities provide alternate ways to have a good time. People find comfort within a wider range of recovery around people facing similar struggles as well as successes. Many are inspired to provide service to give back to those in need during thousands of weekly support meetings and AA groups. In addition, communities promote sober living experiences, raise community awareness of recovery and stimulate the economy, offering jobs to locals.

It may be beneficial for Detroit to learn a lesson or two from these iconic and lucrative cities. A relationship clearly exists between a healthy population and a resultant prosperous city. How can people take pride in Detroit if they do not take pride in themselves? The Inner Door Foundation has identified a definite need in the Metro-Detroit area for a Recovery Community. While the city is being physically rebuilt, we hope to grow a recovery community for people facing eating disorders, substance abuse and a variety of mental health concerns. Here at the Inner Door Center®, we plan to simulate the efforts of the programs around the country within Detroit and the surrounding communities. Our wish is to spread positivity and provide hope for those suffering, past sufferers, and those in recovery.

What We are Doing

The mission of the Inner Door Foundation is to raise public awareness of eating disorders and to promote the education of holistic treatment.  Stereotype Event-Detroit “The Yoga Experience” will be hosted at the Inner Door Center® in downtown Royal Oak in the spring. This year we will be featuring an interactive yoga experience inside our newly renovated center as we attempt to break the stigma of Eating Disorders with local food, entertainment and gift basket raffles. The rebuilding of Detroit and the renovation of the Inner Door Center® mirror the physical and mental stabilization of those in recovery.

The Inner Door Center® provides eating disorder treatment, substance abuse treatment and outpatient therapy for a variety of other mental health concerns, along with the renowned Mindfulness Yoga-Based treatment system.

We offer support groups, including Reconnect with Recovery and Reconnect with Food®. Reconnect with Recovery is a free community support program open to the public every 3rd Saturday of the month and includes group support & yoga-based healing.

It is time for Michigan to follow suit and stop sweeping these issues under the rug.


Are you interested in recovery, support groups, social media outlets or volunteering with Inner Door Center®?

Checkout for more information! 10 Best Sober Living Cities

Written By: Kendra Sweet, Marketing Intern


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