Yoga Is More Than Posing.

“If you can control the fluctuations of the mind you will experience Yoga,” says one yoga Sutra.

When I found out that I would be going through the treatment program here at Inner Door for a week, I was excited. I get to do yoga for a week for work! How awesome is that?

I came to my first yoga session very anxious. I was starting a new job and I was nervous about the yoga. But after I walked into that yoga room and spent an hour on that mat, I discovered that yoga is more than just physically demanding, it is a mentally focused exercise that challenges your body and mind simultaneously.

During my week in the Inner Door program, I learned that yoga is all about non-judgement of yourself and others. It’s meant to clear your mind and challenge you to become present in the very moment you’re in. This is often difficult to do in today’s world. We’re constantly surrounded by so much noise that it’s hard to be present, especially when you’ve got your smartphone in your hand and your tablet in the other.

The week that I was in treatment program, they were focusing on the sixth chakra-the third eye. It was all about being mindful and present in the moment, focusing on how you feel in that moment. By the end of the session I realized how relaxed I was. My mind wasn’t racing a million words a minute and I was able to be in the moment. I wasn’t worried about responding to all the texts and emails on my phone. I was just able to enjoy where I was right then and there.

While yoga relaxes you and you have this moment of calmness and relaxation, it also brings you to a point of confrontation with yourself. You’re forced to face your feelings in that moment and confront them, whether they be good or bad. It may become an emotional time, having to deal with certain feelings. Although at that moment it may be hard or uncomfortable dealing with those feelings, afterward it is very rewarding.

For example, at times I was feeling insecure and I was forced to examine those feelings and get to the root of them. Why was I feeling insecure? What am I feeling insecure about? And after the session, we were able to talk about these feelings. We were able to process them and overcome them.

It also helps you to restore a relationship with your body. You’re able to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, and eventually be able to understand and trust them.

I encourage everyone to try yoga at least once, even if you are skeptical of the idea. Get outside of your box and try something new. Take a group of friends to try it out, or even watch a video and do it in the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to become a master of yoga or even like it. It may teach you something about yourself, or just give you an hour or relaxation. Let the practice of yoga help you uncover feelings that you didn’t know were there and deal with those feelings. Don’t let the fear of trying something new and the way you might look from letting you experience the feelings that are within you.



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