You’ve hit rock bottom…now what?

You have a problem with substance abuse, whether it be drugs or alcohol, and have gotten in serious trouble with the law; could be DUI, drug possession, trafficking, or distribution. You know that you’ve hit the lowest low and you don’t know what to do next.

There are countless stories of individuals who were deep in substance abuse, but changed their life around through rehab, jail time, or becoming spiritual. We commend those who are able to overcome their substance abuse, but sometimes relapse happens.

Let’s create a scenario: You are involved in heavy drug use and the police pull you over during a traffic stop and they find drugs in your possession. They arrest you and charge you for drug possession. You never thought you would end up arrested and face jail time. What are you supposed to do now?

If you’re in the Metro Detroit area, many people call Jack Jaffe, Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer. He fights for those who are facing felony and misdemeanor charges. A lot of his clients suffer from substance abuse.

A good friend of Inner Door Center®, Jaffe sends a lot of his clients to Inner Door Center to get helphoto (1)p with their substance abuse.

“The knowledge, experience and expertise of the staff at Inner Door Center has been helpful for my clients to address their issues and start a path of recovery,” stated Jaffe.

Inner Door Center® is a licensed substance abuse treatment program with a highly skilled Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor on staff. It’s time to reclaim your own life and Inner Door Center® is ready to help you.

Whatever you are struggling with, it’s possible for a change. Change won’t be easy; it’ll be scary and require hard work. Jaffe explains that it’s not that clients are hesitant to get help, it’s more that they are afraid of the change. They have fallen into this routine and have become comfortable in it, even though their world around them is falling apart.

David Price, COO and Program Director at Inner Door Center® works with Jaffe often. “He refers his clients to me often. He’s very tenacious and an advocate for people.”

You don’t have to go through through recovery alone. Jack Jaffe and Inner Door Center® are here to help you and devoted to help and represent you.

The Legal Center of Jack L. Jaffe is located in Madison Heights, MI and can be reached at 248-556-2705. He offers free initial consultations for prospective clients. For more information on Jack Jaffe, visit his website.

Visit our website for more information about our outpatient substance abuse support programs.


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