Staff Spotlight: Elizabeth Cotter, MPH, RDN

Elizabeth Cotter, MPH, RDN joined Inner Door Center in June as a Registered Dietitian.  Beth is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Public Health with a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Notre Dame.

3e70eadWhen asked what made Beth want to work at Inner Door Center, she explained how she fell in love with the center during her dietetic internship three weeks before she graduated.  She never thought she wanted to work at an eating disorder and substance abuse clinic but Inner Door Center’s unique philosophy of incorporating yoga and mindfulness into eating disorder and substance abuse recovery drew her in.

Beth’s typical day is being present during our Partial Hospitalization Program, specifically mealtime to answer questions, follow up with clients and be a person for support for the patients.  She has recently become a part of Inner Door Center’s new Binge Eating Disorder Intensive Outpatient Program.

Beth’s favorite part of her job is hearing the one on one testimonial’s with patients about where they started and their struggles and how much they’ve grown since starting the program at Inner Door Center.

Beth and her sister who is a nurse practitioner have been working on a mobile app for mental health that they want to release on the app store soon. Beth is very thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn at Inner Door Center and has fellow colleagues like Beverly Price, CEO and Founder of Inner Door Center’s who have inspired her in her to grow in her profession and become a better dietitian.

If you would like to learn more about our staff at the Inner Door Center, please visit our website at For more information on Inner Door Center and our treatment programs, please contact us at 248-336-2868.


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