Staff Spotlight: Noura Kejbo

Here at the Inner Door Center, our medical assistants are a vital role to our team. They take care of all the patients as well as help run the front office. Having such a busy office, we rely on our medical assistants heavily and we appreciate all of their hard work!

Noura9375Noura Kejbo, one of our hard-working medical assistants, is a dynamic part of our team. In the mix of doing vitals and tests for patients, she checks in clients, calls insurances and assists our Physician Assistant.

Noura came to the United States in 2011 and started her schooling to become a medical assistant at Dorsey School in 2013. She has an interest in helping people and wanted to be in the medical field in some way. After she graduated, she immediately applied for a position at Inner Door Center.

Inner Door Center is so unique in the programs and services we provide Noura wanted to be a part of that. Eating disorders are becoming more prevalent in the community and she wanted to be a part of that treatment process.

“I love working directly with the patients. Getting to know them and helping them through treatment is very rewarding,” Noura stated. “Also doing vitals, drawing blood and doing EKGs is a fun part of my job.”

After a long day at work, Noura goes home and spends time with her husband and two kids. One of her favorite things to do is to spend time with her family.

If you would like to learn more about our staff at the Inner Door Center, please visit our website at For more information on Inner Door Center and our treatment programs, please contact us at 248-336-2868.


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